About MusicBrackets

MusicBrackets.com is a social network dedicated to exposing up and coming musicians to eager fans.

Since the establishment of the company in 2014, independent artists from around the globe have joined the MusicBrackets community, sharing their videos and recordings with potential fans.

Unlimited Support for Musicians

Our favorite musicians are featured monthly on the front page of our site. Any visitor of MusicBrackets.com will see a picture, short biography, and links to any recordings, videos, or blogs about the artist. Even if a band is not featured, we still make it our mission to strongly promote all of the worthy MusicBrackets members across our social media.

Our team never stops looking for new independent artists. If you come to Lansing for a gig, we send a team to check it out. Bloggers, photographers, and journalists capture the events and provide full coverage of the performance from beginning to end. If you want free promotion for your show, we’re the best in town. MusicBrackets doesn’t only cover local shows. Our team has visited a number a festivals big and small, including Bonnaroo and Bunberry. We do whatever it takes to get in touch with aspiring musicians and share their talent with the world.

If you’d like a more intimate experience, head over to our studio here in Lansing, MI. We have the necessary equipment and an experienced staff to record private interviews and live performances - free of charge. An article about the musician will be posted on our site and shared on social media, and the recordings will be highlighted on MBTV, our proprietary collection of video-recorded specials hosted on our site.

Notable artists on MusicBrackets.com: A Skylit Drive, Desmond Jones, Wav, The Dead Rabbitts, Taylor Taylor, The Funeral Portrait, Dreamers, Joy Villa, WEESP.

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Do you like being the first to discover a new song and share it with your friends? Do you take pride in supporting independent artists? Are you constantly looking for new tunes? Do you want to find talented musicians before they become famous? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you need to get on MusicBrackets.com pronto.

Find the best up-and-coming musicians and save all of your favorites to one place to easily come back to later. Head over to our blog (Pezzo) and learn all about the bands with our exclusive interviews and live show coverage. You’ll also find recordings of a number of musicians performing right here in our studio.



Are you a blogger? Get featured on Pezzo with MusicBrackets.com! Send a music-related blog to musicbrackets@gmail.com for a chance to have your work featured as our guest blog of the month! The blog could be anything from reviews to open letters to latest trends to advice for musicians, anything surrounding music. Experiences, pictures and conversations worth sharing have the opportunity to make our blog and get a shout out on social media.

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Meet Ted

Learn how Ted got to play more venues, gained more fans, and boosted his music career with the help of MusicBrackets--and learn how you can do the same.

Battle of the Bands

If you are the winner of our Battle of the Bands, you will receive:

  • Cash prize!
  • automatic reentry in the next Battle
  • unlimited promotion on our site
  • a blog post written in your honor
  • a paid trip to our headquarters for an interview + a performance + a recording
  • a show at a local venue
  • more prizes to come!