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Music Brackets is the online community for everyone that loves music.  We want to become the main website for musicians and fans alike to communicate with each other and start new relationships of all sorts.  When starting this project I wasn’t thinking as a business man I was thinking as the independent musician that I am, and wanted a way to be able to help the independent music community.  For me the music will always come first and I believe every member of feels the same way.  I want to personally express my appreciation for your interest in becoming a member.  I look forward to seeing you on our site regularly.

Josh Leatherberry
President, Music Brackets LLC

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As a band/artist you already know you are awesome.  It is time to show the world.   There are many benefits at, but our main focus is for you to gain the recognition you deserve.  The Music Brackets network supplies you with all of the tools that you need to further your career.  We also have a great battle system that isn’t as much about the competition as it is about finding new fans of your music.  Plays and exposure are great but we believe what really matters is finding your fan base and getting heard by people that have a connection with your music.  It’s time to take your music on tour without leaving your living room.  Our battles will help you find those people all over the country and world.  Thank you for taking the time to sign up today.

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Fan Sign up isn’t just about music.  It is about the feeling you get when you hear that next great song.  When we started developing the Music Brackets website our first goal was to get artists more exposure.  So we created a fun way to allow them to show their art to the world.  As the creating process of the website has progressed we now feel it’s much more than just exposure.  When you become a fan at you’re not only supporting music you’re supporting creation, independence, and a love of an art form.  For your support we want to give you the best experience we can.  We’ve created fun ways to discover new music.  We have developed unique competitions that give back to the fan community, with great prizes to encourage independent music support.  We have a no nonsense approach to making friends in the music community that allows for safe communication and sharing of your new love.  Thank you for taking the time to sign up today. 

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