Black Dogma

Black Dogma

Man Eating Lion

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Lyrics: Splatter on the mattress Marry on the die Fake your prayers and amens Fade to the implied Paint this town fifty shades of grey And step into the fire Try to get back what you gave away Answer to your sire Give me and cloak to pair with my dagger A shepherd for my pie Fill the cracks with absence In an attempt to nullify You bet your ass I’ve got some harm to pedal Open your jaws up, double wide Doe in the headlights, straight out the meadow Cat on the prowl in the black of the night I bet your even think you’re pretty special Vanity garnished with a sense of pride Well, here’s a true way to test your mettle Eyes off the mirror and on your insides Hide in bed for what seems like days Until you’re held up to the light I bathed my blades and changed my ways So there's no cause for fright No rope too tight No flame too bright Your name and your hay day Like every pay day Glass eyes and yearning guts and bleach stains Veins shot to hell with hubris Hardened fissures in the flesh Now you tell me that you knew this But felt no need to now confess Let the mire caress Make the murk your wife Holy hands and water Fade to the dark side Released April 1, 2016 Music Video Produced by Cy Abdelnour, Cylent Media. Song Produced By Joshua Wickman, Dreadcore Productions.


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